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Jatai Feather Nape Replacement Blades - 10 Blade #F1-30-300

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SKU F1-30-300

Jatai Feather Nape Blades: Precision & Safety in Every Touch

Elevate your precision grooming with Jatai Feather Nape Replacement Blades, a pack of 10 blades designed specifically for the meticulous work of hairdressers and stylists. These blades are crafted with the utmost care, featuring a very sharp edge honed and grounded for optimal performance. The unique mesh guard wrapped around the cutting edge ensures a safe shave by preventing the blade from cutting into the skin, making it ideal for adding those final, defining touches to a haircut.

Key Features of Jatai Feather Nape Replacement Blades:

  • Ultra-Sharp Edge: Each blade is precisely honed and grounded for unparalleled sharpness.
  • Safety Mesh Guard: The cutting edge is equipped with a mesh guard to enhance safety during close shaves.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for detailed work on the nape of the neck, bikini line, or other sensitive body areas, providing a soft, smooth shaving experience.
  • Easy Maneuverability: The small design of the blade allows for easy handling in tight spaces.
  • Convenient Replacement: Designed for use with the Nape & Body Razor, these blades can be easily replaced when they become dull, ensuring consistent performance.

Jatai Feather Nape Replacement Blades are more than just replacement blades; they're an essential tool for professionals seeking to deliver exceptional, precise grooming services.