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JATAI Blade Glide Plus

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SKU F1-51-110
JATAI Blade Glide Plus

A hair groomers crowning glory! It is not often that a professional product comes along that is beyond valuable to a stylist on so many levels. Jatai Blade Glide is the incredible all-star choice you'll be reaching for once you discover its benefits. The silky smooth lotion helps shears and razors to glide like butter through the hair and on the skin. 

It extends the life of the blade even while moisturizing the skin and hair. This Blade Glide smooths, detangles and acts as a leave-in conditioner. It contains Provitamin B5, purified water and cationic conditioners. 

  • Silky smooth lotion that help shears and razors glide through hair and on the skin
  • Smooths, detangles and acts as a leave-in conditioner
  • Contains Provitamin B5 , purified water and cationic conditioners
  • Equalizes hair porosity for pre-perming and coloring
  • Extends the life of the blade
  • Moisturizes the skin and 
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