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Cricket Silkomb Comb Pro-35

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by Cricket
SKU 5515012

Discover Precision Cutting with Cricket Silkomb Comb Pro-35: The Ultimate Extra Long Cutting Tool

Introducing the Cricket Silkomb Comb Pro-35 Elevate your cutting techniques with the Cricket Silkomb Comb Pro-35, an extra-long cutting comb that's designed to enhance your styling versatility. Made with exceptional craftsmanship in Japan, this comb is a staple for professionals seeking precision and efficiency in their work.

Key Features of Cricket Silkomb Comb Pro-35

  • Dual Teeth Patterns for Versatility: With two distinct teeth patterns, the Cricket Silkomb Comb Pro-35 expands your styling options, making it an excellent all-around cutting comb for any hair type or style.
  • Even Distribution for Zero Tension Cutting: Achieve flawless zero tension cutting techniques thanks to the even distribution provided by the Pro-35, ensuring smooth and precise cuts every time.
  • Extra Long Design for Enhanced Control: The new, longer design of the Cricket Silkomb Comb Pro-35 adds an extra inch, facilitating quicker cutting and sectioning. This feature allows for stronger direction and control over large sub-sections of hair.
  • Seamless Teeth for Comfortable Styling: Enjoy a comfortable, snag-free experience with the seamless teeth of the Pro-35, designed to glide effortlessly through hair, minimizing damage and breakage.

Why Choose Cricket Silkomb Comb Pro-35?

  • Enhanced Cutting Speed and Precision: The extra length and specialized design of the Pro-35 comb enable faster and more precise cutting, saving time and improving outcomes.
  • Versatile and Effective for All Hair Types: Whether working with fine, thick, curly, or straight hair, the Pro-35's versatile design ensures top-notch results for any hair type.
  • Durability and Quality: Made in Japan, the Cricket Silkomb Comb Pro-35 represents the pinnacle of quality and durability in professional hair styling tools.

Transform Your Styling Experience The Cricket Silkomb Comb Pro-35 is not just a tool; it's a revolution in professional hair cutting, offering unparalleled precision, control, and efficiency. By incorporating this comb into your toolkit, you'll unlock new levels of styling excellence, making every cut more precise and every style more achievable. Upgrade to the Cricket Silkomb Comb Pro-35 and experience the difference in your cutting technique today.