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Cree Permanent Hair Color - Chocolates

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Color: White Coffee 5.89
by Cree
SKU CR-101-5.89

Indulge in the Richness of Cree Permanent Hair Color - Chocolates

Transform your hair with the luxurious depth and vibrancy of Cree Permanent Hair Color - Chocolates. Specially crafted for both professional colorists and beauty enthusiasts alike, this cream hair color offers ease of application and ensures reliable, long-lasting results that will captivate everyone's attention. Explore the blend of cutting-edge ingredients and benefits that make Cree Hair Color a must-have in achieving your desired chocolate hues.

Unmatched Color Longevity and Coverage

  • Rich Pigments for Maximum Gray Coverage: Achieve full, flawless coverage with premium pigments designed to cover even the most stubborn grays.
  • Vibrant and Natural Results: Formulated with a lower dyestuff concentration, Cree ensures your hair receives the maximum color payoff, resulting in bright, natural-looking chocolate shades.

Formulated for Your Hair's Health and Comfort

  • Effortless Mixing and Application: The soft cream consistency allows for smooth, easy application, ensuring even color distribution from roots to ends.
  • Gentle and Pleasant Experience: Enjoy a coloring session with minimal scent irritation thanks to the low ammonia formula, making your experience as pleasant as the results.
  • Enhanced Hair Protection: Ingredients such as guar gum, creatine, and sorbitol offer your hair high protection, effective conditioning, and repairing action throughout the coloring process. 

Luxurious Softness and Ease of Styling

  • Rich, Nourishing Cream Formula: Beyond coloring, Cree treats and conditions your hair, leaving it exceptionally soft, manageable, and easy to style.
  • Precision in Every Shade: Each chocolate hue is carefully calibrated, providing you with the exact color level and richness you aim for, ensuring satisfaction in every application.

Why Choose Cree Permanent Hair Color - Chocolates?

Selecting Cree Permanent Hair Color - Chocolates means embracing a hair color solution that marries the art of rich, indulgent hues with the science of hair care. Ideal for anyone seeking to enrich their look with deep, chocolate tones while ensuring their hair remains healthy, protected, and incredibly soft.

Step into a world of chocolate richness with Cree Permanent Hair Color and give your hair the ultimate color treatment it deserves. It's more than just a color change; it's a beauty enhancement that brings out the best in your hair.