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Free Shipping on orders over $89.99!

BT Carbon Clipper Comb #09155

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SKU 09155

Introduce precision and ease into your styling routine with the BT Carbon Clipper Comb, an essential tool for professionals and styling enthusiasts alike. Designed with advanced materials and thoughtful dimensions, this comb is the perfect ally for achieving precise cuts and styles, while ensuring comfort and durability.

Advanced Material for Durability and Comfort

  • Heat and Chemical Resistant: Crafted from materials that withstand high temperatures and exposure to chemicals, the BT Carbon Clipper Comb is ideal for use with various styling tools and products.
  • Lightweight Yet Super Strong: Despite its light weight, this comb is incredibly strong and durable, ensuring it can handle the rigors of daily salon use or personal styling routines.

Designed for Precision and Ease

  • Optimal Control for Styling: The comb's design allows for easy handling and control, making it easier to achieve the best styling results.
  • Gentle on Scalp and Hair: With a design that prioritizes the comfort of your scalp and hair, this comb glides smoothly without causing unnecessary tension or damage.

Perfect Dimensions for Versatile Styling

  • Ideal Length and Width: Measuring 215mm in length and 45mm in width, the BT Carbon Clipper Comb is sized for versatility, suitable for a wide range of hair types and styling needs.
  • Optimal Thickness for Handling: At a thickness of 2.5mm, this comb offers a comfortable grip, enhancing its usability and making it easier to achieve precise styles. 

The BT Carbon Clipper Comb is more than just a tool; it's an extension of your professional skill or personal styling regimen, designed to enhance the way you work with hair. Whether you're a seasoned stylist or a home user looking to elevate your hair grooming game, this comb offers the perfect blend of strength, control, and gentle touch, making it an indispensable part of your styling toolkit.