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Marmara Barber Aftershave Cologne #1

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Size: Single
by Marmara
SKU Marmara #1 500ml

Marmara Barber Aftershave Cologne - The Essence of Grooming Excellence

Introducing Marmara Barber Aftershave Cologne #1, the quintessential finishing touch for every grooming session. This aftershave cologne, revered by barbers worldwide, blends the invigorating freshness of eau de cologne with the soothing properties of an aftershave, creating the ultimate "Barber Cologne" experience.

  • Versatile Appeal: Whether it's the scent, the bottle's shape, or the way it's applied, Marmara Barber Aftershave Cologne caters to diverse preferences, making it a staple in barbershops around the globe.
  • Invigorating Top Notes: Kickstart your senses with a burst of Enhanced Citrus and the delicate fragrance of Lotus Spring Blossom, setting the stage for a refreshing start.
  • Rich Middle Notes: Dive into the depth of Dark Musk intertwined with the sweet tanginess of Black Currants, crafting a compelling heart for the cologne.
  • Warm Base Notes: The cologne settles into the comforting embrace of Laurus Nobilis, complemented by Earthy Notes, grounding the fragrance in a rich, masculine base.

Marmara Barber Aftershave Cologne #1 is not just an aftershave; it's an experience, enhancing the barbering ritual with its perfect blend of scents, designed to please and invigorate.