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Free Shipping on orders over $89.99!

BaBylissPRO Barberology Trio Mix (3 piece Set)

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Color: RoseGold

Elevate your styling game with the BabylissPro Barberology Trio Mix, a meticulously assembled 3-piece set designed to cater to the diverse needs of professional barbers and stylists. This versatile collection combines functionality with efficiency, ensuring you have the right tools at hand for a wide range of styling tasks.

Features of the BabylissPro Barberology Trio Mix include:

  • Wide-Tooth Styling Comb: Ideal for adding texture, sectioning, lifting, and maintaining hairstyles. Its wide teeth are perfect for gently detangling and styling without causing breakage.
  • The Fade Brush: A specialized cleaning brush designed to effortlessly remove excess hair from fade cuts, cutting tools, and blades, ensuring a clean work area and precise cuts.
  • Hair Clip: Essential for sectioning hair during cutting, coloring, or styling, this clip holds hair securely in place, providing control and precision for every style.

The BabylissPro Barberology Trio Mix set contains:

  • One Wide-Tooth Styling Comb for versatile styling and texturizing.
  • One Fade Brush for maintaining cleanliness and precision in fade cuts.
  • One Hair Clip for effective sectioning and control during various styling processes.

With the BabylissPro Barberology Trio Mix, professionals can achieve flawless textures, precise fades, and meticulous sectioning with ease. Each tool in this set is designed for durability and ease of use, ensuring that barbers and stylists can deliver superior results with confidence and efficiency.