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Free Shipping on orders over $89.99!
The Best Hair Clipper & Trimmer For Men Will Help You Clean Up Nice

The Best Hair Clipper & Trimmer For Men Will Help You Clean Up Nice

The best hair trimmer & clipper for men is the one you’ll actually use: at home, on the road, when you’re in dire need of a last-minute touch-up. Trimmers are designed for precise detailing, edging, and outlining—the type of professional-grade flourishes that call for a steady hand, practiced eye, and, above all else, a dependable grooming device. But wait a minute, you might be thinking to yourself in a huff. I already have a superlative hair clipper. Do I really need one of these too?

It depends. The fundamental difference between a trimmer and a clipper comes down to blade size. (The blades on the former are shorter and thinner, so they can cut much closer to the skin.) Think of it like this: Contemplating buzzing it all off this summer? A clipper is better suited to handling the bulk of the task, but a trimmer will help you tidy up the edges. And the best hair trimmer for men—heck, even the beard trimmer you use to neaten your stubble—is always going to service your dome, neck, ears, and sideburns more delicately than a pair of regular ol’ clippers. 

Below you’ll find 7 ridiculously high-quality hair trimmers & clippers, each thoroughly vetted and rigorously tested by a cadre of skeptical, definitely-not-balding. If you’re looking to maintain your newly-shorn ‘do—or merely clean up those inevitable awkward phases—they’ll help you and your unruly neckline stay barbershop-fresh no matter how long it’s been since your last appointment.

The Best Gold Gun Clipper

Gamma+ Golden Gun Clipper

$349.00 $199.95

Gamma+ Professional Golden Gun Clipper is equipped with a Lithium-ion battery that delivers 2-hours of cordless run-time and 105-minute recharge. Fully adjustable blades can be easily zero gapped for the closet cut and finish. Along with premium Japanese gold titanium blades – fade blade and a slim deep moving to complete the fully gold look.

You can also change out the lever from click to floating to suit your comfort level on fading and styling. Its 4-hole blade system works with many competitive blades, and all of the Gamma+ and StyleCraft blades will fit this clipper.


The Best Clipper & Trimmer Duo

BaBylissPRO LimitedFX Collection Gunmetal Clipper & Trimmer duo

$359.95 $269.99

BaBylissPRO give you a crisp, barber-caliber line-up along the cheeks, burns, mustache, and neck. It's your go-to device for neckline cleanups too: Steady-handed significant other or best friend not included. It's also great if you want to maintain a short cut and are otherwise prone to ingrown hairs.

This New Limited Edition Pack Includes the FX870GB Metal Lithium Clipper & FX787GB Metal Lithium Outlining Trimmer.

The Best Cordless Clipper

Wahl Professional 5 star series Senior cordless

$259.00 $209.94

If you’re expressly on the hunt for a pro-level device, Wahl’s 5 Star Cordless Senior All Metal Edition is the one for you. This is the cordless version of the Clipper your barber’s used to clean you up countless times before. (“Intended for professional use only,” the product description warns.) If that sounds less like a threat and more like a huge selling point, its powerful motor, extended blades, and nearly three hours of lithium ion battery life will help you finesse the most precise cut since you started going at it solo. 

It's important to note that the All-Metal Senior IS NOT just an all-metal version of the existing 5 Star Senior. Yes, it has similar features, but the motor in this clipper is larger and more powerful than the motor that is currently in the Cordless 5 Star Senior (8504-400). Additionally, the Cordless Clipper Charge Stand is included with this All-Metal 5 Star Senior!

The Best Stylish Clipper

Andis Nation Cordless Envy Li Fade

$106.95 $78.33
Andis Nation

Designed with a Bold and vibrant Andis Nation design chosen by the barbering community, this clipper is made up if a Lithium-Ion powered battery for robust and long-lasting power. Features up to 2 hours of run time and charges in 90 minutes or less and weighs less than 10 oz. Perfect for all-day, ergonomic use that won't weigh you down. Cord/Cordless operation for reliable power to last you all day long.

The Best Clipper for Precision

Gamma+ Boosted Super-Torque Modular Cordless Clipper

$219.95 $179.95

The Gamma+ Boosted is a professional modular clipper that comes with 3 different body kits (Red, Gold, and Black) which are interchangeable for a fully customizable look. Its super torque motor runs at 7200 RPM, so it'll power through anything! It can be zero-gapped with its cutting length adjustable between 4mm and zero via a thumb lever. The levers are also customizable, 2 using a click system and 1 with a floating system for length adjustment.

Its 45-mm fade blade is made from diamond-like carbon (DLC) which keeps it cool, rust-free, and sharp, and is also kind to sensitive skin. The Shallow DLC blade is designed for perfectly smooth cutting. The lithium-ion battery delivers 120 minutes of run time and is fully recharged after 150 minutes using a cord, docking station, or mini-USB charger. It has a large light display that indicates the level of battery charge.

The Best Clipper For Cord/Cordless Lover

BaBylissPRO LithiumFX+ Cord/Cordless Lithium Ergonomic Clipper

$199.99 $159.95

The LithiumFX+ Cord/Cordless Clipper features a long-life ball bearing DC 6500 RPM motor and an ergonomic grip housing. Use it corded or cordless – the lithium-ion battery provides sustained power and performance at all charge levels.

The Best Clipper For Businessmen

Stylecraft Apex Clipper & Prodigy Shaver Combo

$319.95 $219.95
Stylecraft Apex

FREE SHAVER WITH PURCHASE OF APEX CLIPPER (until supply last! One per customer)

Stylecrafts professional Apex clipper is equipped with a Japanese super torque rotary motor that runs at 7,200 strokes per minute to help you plow through even the wiriest of hair. Efficiently cut through bulk hair in just a single pass.

The high-performance motor is paired with a premium double Black Diamond Carbon DLC fade blade and a lightweight deep slim cutter for faster movement. Together, they work to give you superb cutting performance without any snagging. The blades are non-corrosive so you don’t have to worry about rust. They also stay cooler and sharper longer.

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Now I know what to buy !!!!!!

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Great message Vip, I am a new barber and this blog helped me choose. Now I know what I want!!

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