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Free Shipping on orders over $89.99!

Stylecraft Instinct Professional Vector Motor Cordless Clipper

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Stylecraft Instinct - Ultimate Cordless Hair Clipper for Professionals

Introducing the Stylecraft Instinct, a groundbreaking Cordless Hair Clipper that redefines precision and power in hair cutting. Designed with the professional barber and stylist in mind, this clipper merges compact design with unparalleled performance.

  • Compact Yet Powerful: The Instinct Cordless Hair Clipper boasts a revolutionary compact size, fitting perfectly in your hand like an extension of your arm, combined with a power that exceeds all expectations. Its high-speed vector motor delivers an astounding 11,500 strokes per minute, ensuring rapid bulk removal and precision in every pass.
  • Advanced Blade Technology: Equipped with a hypoallergenic gold titanium Faper blade and a Black Diamond slim deep cutter, this clipper offers unmatched blending, fading, and cutting capabilities, making it perfect for a wide range of styles and hair types.
  • Customizable Experience: With additional housing for three color mods and a transparent motor showcase, along with customizable levers for click or floating taper performance, the Instinct allows for personalization to suit your style and technique.
  • Smart Torque Control: The Instinct Cordless Hair Clipper features intuitive torque control, automatically adjusting to the resistance of the hair to maintain consistent power and speed, ensuring a smooth cut through any hair type.
  • Long-Lasting Battery and Universal Charging: A lithium-ion battery provides up to 4 hours of cordless runtime with a quick 2-hour recharge, complemented by a universal mini-USB charger for convenience and global compatibility.
  • Premium Accessories for Professional Use: This clipper comes with 8 double magnetic guards, a charging stand, a cleaning/maintenance kit, a mini screwdriver for blade adjustments, and options for custom body modifications, ensuring you have everything needed for a top-notch cutting experience.

Embrace the future of hair cutting with the Stylecraft Instinct Cordless Hair Clipper, where innovation meets artistry, delivering an unmatched cutting experience.

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Love it !!


my lever broke one week of owning them…

Wilfredo ortiz



I’m husband loves these clippers


Awesome clippers